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Bill Payment

You send us your friends and family, if they decide to purchase a water softener we'll send you $200.00. It doesn't get easier than that!

Get a free designer Reverse Osmosis faucet with the purchase of a Revese Osmosis System, that saves you $100!

You don't have to live with unclean water, get a water softener today, Rent-To-Own with 0% interest! We'll foot the note and in the end you'll be free and clear.

We'll finance 100% of your water softener or water treatment system, we'll give you the details when you contact us!

Water Softeners?

Are you frustrated with the hard water in your home? Maybe a Hague Water Softener is the answer.

Every form of life is dependent upon water to survive. Water consumes over 70% of the world we live in and over 70% of the human body is water. Research shows that a person may live weeks without food, but only days without water, people must have water to sustain life.

Everest Alkaline

North Carolina Water Consultants can provide the best water available to you and your home! Did we mention, we're the Carolina's #1 Hague Quality Water Dealer.

Specializing in the REMOVAL OF:





P.H. (Green Stains)



Bad Taste & Odors




Arsenic 3

Arsenic 5


Total Water Treatment Since 1960

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